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Education is process of learning and transformation of a student life. Education counselling facilitates the academic, emotional, social and cognitive development of a student in their personal development and career development. Ansel Education Consultancy provides counselling based on the student’s chosen course and future career plans. During counselling, we also consider the student’s current qualification, work experience etc.


Course & University selection

This is the first step in every student’s study plan. Every institution has its own selection procedure. There are thousands of courses available in hundreds of universities. Ansel Education Consultancy helps to find a right course, right institution and right country based on student’s current qualification, financial affordability, future career plans etc.


Application assistant

After selecting the course and country, application should be lodges with the respective institution. Every institution has its own method of application. Online application and uploading documents at the same time are increasingly with many institutions. It saves lots of paper- work and cost saving. We lodge online application on behalf of students with the required documents.


Document preparation

Documents are very important for the application to be approved. They are the evidence for the student’s identity, qualification etc. Student’s eligibility for admission is confirmed after document’s verification. We help all the students to upload the necessary and right documents.


Scholarship assistant

Scholarships are available based on every student’s academic excellence. There are hundreds of scholarships available. We help to find the right scholarship for all students.


Student loan/accommodation loan

Finance is very important of the higher studies. All the students must show tuition fee + accommodation fees before applying for a visa. We work with a nationalised bank and help all the students to apply for an education loan.


Visa guidance

This is an important and second stage of the student admission. Without a student visa nobody can enter any country to study. Visa conditions should be met by all students. If not, visa will be refused. We advise all students on all the visa requirements before applying. We are happy to share that we have 100% success in our visa guidance.


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