We do counsel on your future study and career. During the counselling we advise on various study options available for every individual in various institutions. We also advise on country info and other factors related to your study. We also advise on steps involved in getting admission in an institution.

University selection

Every institution has its own selection criteria and it also depends on type of course you select. We advise you to select the right institution based on your qualification/experience, finance, location etc.

Form filling

Form filling is very important when applying for an university and VISA. We guide you on filling forms correctly without missing any detail.

Document process

When you apply for the acceptance letter from an institution and apply for a VISA, the supporting documents are very important. Without supporting documents your application will not be accepted. We advise you on preparing all supporting documents needed for your course and VISA without failure.


VISA process

Student VISA is very important to enter and study in a country. There is a strict procedures in place to apply for a student VISA which varies from country to country. We guide you to get student VISA successfully.


Every institution has its own accommodation for its students. We discuss and advise you on all accommodation options available in the destination country.


Many institutions offer students scholarships depending on their academic record, IELTS score etc. Some institutions offer internships after completing the course. We will advise you on which institutions offer these to students