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Immigration to Australia

Ansel Education Consultancy in partnership with an Australian registered Immigration consultancy to provide immigration services to Australia. We advise all professionals and skilled people provide immigration advice based on their eligibility.

Types of Migration VISAS

  • Skilled Regional VISA

The skilled regional visa is for those who have the necessary skills required for specific occupations in Australia. Such applicants can be sponsored by family members or by an Australian state or territory. There are regional, low population growth areas in Australia, and these areas are specifically recognized as regional for the purposes of migration for this visa. Employers in these areas look for foreign nationals who can work here on a permanent basis. Candidates should have relevant skills and qualifications, and should also be sponsored by their employer. Additionally, students also need to take a relevant skill assessment test. This is a high priority scheme under sponsored permanent visa class, and is given much importance in the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. We assist all applicants to lodge visa applications successfully, along with the application to Regional Certifying Board (RCB).
  • Family VISA

There is a wide variety of categories regarding Australian family visa, such as the partner category, inter-dependent category, prospective marriage, parent migration, aged dependent relative visa, remaining relative visa and investment retirement visa etc.
Family visas have a number of subcategories through which people can help their relatives migrate to Australia. The different subclasses are:
  1. Spouse/De-facto Spouse Visa – the applicant can enter Australia on the basis of a relationship, first on a temporary visa and later on a permanent visa.
  2. Prospective Marriage Visa – the applicant can go to Australia, but should marry his/her fiancé within the 9 month Visa validity period.
  3. Parents – children or other eligible sponsors can apply for their parents to migrate to Australia.
  4. Dependent Children – eligible sponsors or biological parents can sponsor a child who is dependent on them.
  5. Remaining Relative – remaining relatives can be sponsored by permanent Australian Citizens or citizens of New Zealand, and who are the only living relatives of the applicant.
  • Business VISA

This business visa category is for highly skilled business people who are owners of an overseas business and can contribute to the Australian economy.
Applying for a business visa requires state/territory sponsorship. Other than the 132 Business Talent Visa which is for highly talented business people who are owners of an overseas business. All business visas are provisional for four years, after which applying for permanent residency can be considered.
Potential candidates and their employers across a wide range of trades and professions can apply for a visa under subclass 457 Temporary Business Long Stay Visa. The other subclasses are 188 Business Innovation (PROV) and Business Innovation 888 (PERM).
  • Employer Nomination Scheme

The Employer Nomination Scheme is a visa under subclass 189, under the Employer Sponsorship Visa. ENS is for foreign nationals under 50 years of age who are employed by Australian employers. This is a permanent visa which allows the applicant to work in Australia. Permanent Residency can be applied through the Temporary Residence Migration Transition stream or the Direct Entry stream. Temporary Residence Migration Transition scheme is for 457 Visa holders, in order to change their Visa status to permanent. Alternatively, Direct Entry stream is for those who successfully meet the points-test and who have the necessary skills for an occupation listed under Skilled Occupation List. We manage all of these complex visa applications, in order for you to successfully help you migrate to Australia.